Become A Foster Family

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Zac enjoying his new basketOne way you could help us is to become a foster home for a cat or a kitten while it’s waiting to find a good permanent home.

There are several ways this could be done but for the most part, our cats or kittens in foster homes must be kept indoors in a part of the house or apartment where the cat is in contact with the people living there.

Fostering an adult cat
Many times our adult cats are nice cats that have been abandoned in the street or by their owners who can no longer keep them (change of lifestyle, move to another place, death of the owner, etc.).

It usually takes a few weeks to a few months to re-home adult cats and many times if a foster home can’t be found these cats end up in a cage in a shelter, abandoned in the street or euthanized.

Fostering a kitten or a few kittens
During the kitten season, we have many kittens that need fostering. Kittens are usually adopted quickly so they don’t stay in their foster home for very long.

Sometimes we get in tame, healthy, friendly kittens already ready to be adopted. These find homes quickly.

We usually get kittens in who need a few days to a couple of weeks of tender, loving care before being ready to be adopted. Every case is different but we need foster homes on-call who would be willing to give lots of attention to these little ones so they will be adoptable as soon as possible. The shy, wild kittens are kept in a taming cage large enough for their bed, litter-box, toys, food and water with some space to play. Our association provides the cage.

The cage with the kittens should be kept in a room where there is the most activity, like the kitchen, TV room or playroom. These kittens need to be stroked and handled as much as possible until they get used to human contact and are purring and playing. If you already have other pets sometimes fostering kittens in a cage is the best option.


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