Donkeys and Other Equine Friends

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Would you help us help them?

If you would like to get involved in rescuing equines and becoming a sponsor, please don’t hesitate to contact us. It would be a pleasure if you came to visit to find out more.

Elliot - Elliot is being sponsored by Jemma and Babette but needs a few more sponsors as the upkeep for a horse is quite a bit more than for a cat!


Elliot, our new arrival with Flocon and Percy


Margot - old mule who came to live with us following the death of her owner. Margot has really big problems with her feet that make her lame. We had the vet and the farrier come up to help her, she’s really old and has been neglected for a long time so we don’t know if she’ll get better but we’re trying to correct her problem and alleviate her pain.

leslie et margot 1

Leslie and Margot the Mule


Willy, Alba et Câline -  Three adorable donkeys who belong to our most dedicated volunteer, Lydie, who helps us take care of our cats.  She also shelters many cats at her place in the mountains.  Her place isn’t accessible in the wintertime and it has become too difficult for her to keep the donkeys there.  They are very friendl

leslie willy alba caline et zazou

Leslie, Alba, Caline, Willy and Zazou the cat

  willy et zazou

Willy and Zazou


Friends who have left us

Obélix - We are all very sad, Obelix took ill and died last May. We miss him very much. He was such a sweet pony who had suffered a stroke following a kick in the head at the equestrian center where he was part of the pony club.  This had made him unfit to work so he came to us for his retirement.

ob and friends

Obelix and friends


Louise, before - Old, lame and depressed, she was left to die alone in the mountains.  When I found out about her I asked her owner to let her come live with us.  Louise had a serious deformity of the feet and legs which made it very difficult for her to move about.

louise before

Louisa before arriving at our place

Louise, after - When she arrived at our place we had her taken care of by the veterinarian/dentist and the farrier.  With care, good food, love and the company of Willy (her new donkey boyfriend) she improved significantly and was happy.  She even became top donkey!  She stayed with us for almost a year before her age and deformity had her suffering again and we decided to cut short her suffering.  She was really well loved!  She had the most beautiful ears in the world!  Sweet Louise. 


Louisa with her herd, second from left

 alba louise willy

Alba, Louise and Willy


Osane, before - Old, neglected horse with arthritis

osane before 16juin2010

Osane just before coming to live with us, old, thin and sad

Osane after -  When he arrived we had him seen by the veterinarian/dentist, the farrier and the osteopath.  With care, good food and love, he became young again!  He became proud and very handsome!  Unfortunately, a few months after he arrived here he had an accident where he broke his neck and had to be euthanized.  It was such a sad time!   At least we were comforted to know that he spent his last months happy, well loved and in good health.

 osane after

Osane a few months after arriving at our place

ob osane willy

Obelix, Osane and Willy


Please contact us if you’d like to help us with our equine rescue.  Hope to hear from you soon!

Leslie 06 18 94 35 76


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