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Stray cat sterilizations with Vétérinaires Pour Tous
The association  « Vétérinaires Pour Tous » in collaboration with the Conseil Général has put in place a program to aid communities control their stray cat population.  If for every stray cat sterilization the municipality finances half the cost, the Conseil Général will finance the other half.

The town hall should contact:

Docteur Evelyne LEGENDRE
Présidente de l'association "Vétérinaires Pour Tous"
Clinique vétérinaire Les Fades
365, avenue Jacques Monod
06110 Le Cannet

04 93 45 31 18

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Capture of stray cats
The association, Les Chats du Mercantour, is well equipped for the capture and transport of stray cats.  Towns can borrow our traps and cages or in certain cases we will come on site to capture and bring the cats to the veterinarian for their sterilizations.

Legislation on stray cats:
By the terms of Article L 211-27 of the ‘Code rural’:

« The mayor can, by decree, at his initiative or at the request of an animal protection association, proceed with the capture of non identified cats, without owner or guardian, living in groups in the publics areas of the community, in order to have them spayed/neutered and identified conforming to article L 214-5, before releasing them in the same place.


These measures are only applicable in departments free of rabies ».

From stray cat to free cat:  years of fighting
Smell of urine, yowling during mating season, proliferation, development of epizootics… complaints against stray cats are numerous.  Before January 6, 1999, the ‘Code Rural’ advocated euthanasia, forgetting that our friends play a role as a filter against certain pests – mice and rats – that pose a much more serious sanitary risk.

The foundation 30 Millions d’Amis’ goal is to show that the problem of stray cat overpopulation can be solved by spaying and neutering.  This reasoning is born of the official report that euthanasia or the displacement of cat colonies is ineffective against proliferation.  On the one hand, spaying and neutering automatically stabilizes the population that continues to play its role as filter against pests (rats, souris,…) and on the other hand, it curbs the problem of yowling and bad odors.

A first legal battle won in January 1999
Article 8 of the law 99-5 has finally recognized the work of associations that protect ‘free’ cats (chats libres) by legalizing their action as a substitute to euthanasia.  This practice, respecting the French’s sensibility with regards to the lives of the most unfortunate companion animals, is as effective as it is popular.

(translated from an article taken from 30 Millions d’Amis’ website)


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