Sponsor a Cat for €5-€10 a month

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Mickey Needs A SponsorThe association  “Les Chats du Mercantour” takes care of many otherwise homeless sterilized cats.  Our volunteers feed and, in many cases, shelter around 60 cats.  Some of these cats are in the Lazy Claw Cabin, some in abandoned barns in the mountains and some in the local mountain villages.  All of these cats have been sterilized and are free to roam. 

Our goal is to find a sponsor for each of these cats.  We ask 10€ per month to sponsor each cat, for 5€ you can share a cat.  If we find a sponsor for each cat, we can use the other funds collected for sterilizing stray cats in our mountain villages as well as treating and housing abandoned kittens and cats until a permanent home is found.



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Non-Profit Association

Les Chats du Mercantour (N° 0062027452) is a non-profit association (loi 1901) registered at the Alpes Maritimes préfecture on 24th October 2006.