What Is The Lazy Claw Cabin?

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The Lazy Claw Cabin in WinterThe Lazy Claw Cabin is a cabin in the woods about 7 km outside of St Etienne de Tinée that shelters abandoned, sterilized cats from the Haute Tinée who would otherwise be homeless.  The cabin is heated (a bit) in the winter and the very comfortable donated armchair is equipped with a heating pad. 

A volunteer from Les Chats du Mercantour (Leslie, Claude or Lydie) goes every day or two to clean-up, feed and cuddle the cats staying there.  The cabin has two cat-flaps to the outdoors so the cats are free to come and go as they please.  The cats also have a wonderful view of the mountains and river from their heated armchair. 

There are four unoccupied barns within 50 meters of the cabin that the cats have access to as well.  One of these barns belongs to Leslie and Claude and they are renovating it to eventually live in.

Background View of the Lazy Claw CabinThe association is renting the cabin and has had electricity installed.  There is no water so large jugs have to be carried up.  In the winter we have to use snowshoes, as it’s about 200 meters up a steep path from where we park our car.  Sometimes we use a sled to bring up supplies (food, litter, water, bedding…) but most of the time we make several trips lugging them up in large sacs or backpacks.

We’re trying to find sponsors for each of the cats in the Lazy Claw as well as all the other cats the association provides for so we can concentrate our effort on educating the mountain communities on the importance of sterilization, and the capture and sterilization itself, instead of trying to find money to buy food and pay rent.  Please see our section on "Sponsoring a Cat" and the pictures of all the cats that need sponsors.

We’ve gotten permission to build a small barn with two levels of hay storage that we would use also to shelter otherwise homeless sterilized cats.  This project will cost about 20,000€ so we’ll need to find a lot of donors!!

We also have plans to construct very small cabins that don’t require a building permit on the same land next to the barns and the Lazy Claw Cabin.


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