Where Are We?

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Although many of our cats and kittens waiting for adoption are in foster homes on the French Riviera from Nice to Cannes, our headquarters (Leslie and Claude’s home) are actually located in St Etienne de Tinée, six kilometers from the ski station, Auron.  The “Lazy Claw Cabin” as well as the other around sixty sterilized cats our volunteers look after are in the Tinée and Vésubie valleys.

The nearest veterinarian is 80 km away so you can imagine the logistical difficulties of bringing cats to and from the clinic for their sterilization.  We currently have carried out our sterilization campaigns in most of the villages in the valley of the Tinée as well as some of the villages in the valley of the Vésubie.  See our section entitled “Statistics on Sterilization Campaigns”.


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Non-Profit Association

Les Chats du Mercantour (N° 0062027452) is a non-profit association (loi 1901) registered at the Alpes Maritimes préfecture on 24th October 2006.