Who Are We?

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Sunny, Checkers, Neige and StormThe association “Les Chats du Mercantour” was created in 2006 in order to help the communities of the Haute Tinée (Saint Etienne de Tinée, Auron, Isola, Saint Dalmas le Selvage) control their stray cat population.

We help do this in two ways:

  • Capture of stray cats, the organization of their sterilization and in some cases the payment of such.
  • Reduction of this population by capturing, taming and putting up for adoption stray kittens*.

We also help cat owners have their animals sterilized by finding low cost sterilization and in some cases transport to the veterinary clinic from the Haute Tinée.

Since the association’s creation in 2006 we’ve dealt with over 600 cats/kittens.

* People adopting a kitten are required to have it sterilized.


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Non-Profit Association

Les Chats du Mercantour (N° 0062027452) is a non-profit association (loi 1901) registered at the Alpes Maritimes préfecture on 24th October 2006.